Bedbugs & Fleas

Types Of Bed Bugs In The UK

Unfortunately, once an infestation has spread, there is no effective DIY method of bed bug removal. MRA specialise in bed bug eradication. As the leading supplier of heat treatments – the most effective method of eradication available – as well as chemical treatments, you can trust MRA Pest Control to rid you of your pests.

Bedbugs lurk in cracks and crevices and been living on human blood for centuries. Though they aren’t known to transmit disease or pose any serious medical risk, the stubborn parasites can leave itchy and unsightly bites.

However, bedbugs don’t always leave marks. The best way to tell if you have a bedbug infestation is to see the live, apple-seed-size critters for yourself. Unfortunately, once bedbugs take up residence in homes and businesses, they can be difficult to exterminate without professional help.

We totally understand the frustration these blood-sucking insects cause it, is not only due to the emotional stress of dealing with these parasites, but also the irritation of their bites and the potential for secondary infection from constant scratching.


Types Of Flea In The UK

Fleas are a very common pest in the UK . These insects can live without food for several months and are naturally unable to lay eggs until they have a blood feed. They often live in carpets, pet bedding and other cracks and crevices around the house. We have successfully treated thousands of infestations. Because of this we are the preferred pest control company for total flea control and eradication.

There are many species of fleas in the World, but in the UK it is cat and dog fleas that cause most problems. The main concern about fleas is usually the distress and discomfort that flea bites may cause you or your beloved pet.

  • Ctenocephalides canis (Dog Flea)
  • Ctenocephalides felis (Cat Flea)


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Kevin Somerford, Ashbourne

"If you are having problems with mice then look no further than MRA Pest Control. They have kept on top of the problem for us for years at our barn conversion property. A pest controller you can rely on."

Shane Connor, Lincoln

"We managed to come back off holiday and bring bed bugs back with us. Two beds were riddled with them and we thought we would have to buy two expensive new mattresses. Thanks to MRA Pest Control, the problem was treatable and they have saved us a fortune."

Sara Ford, Nottingham

"I had an Ant infestation in my kitchen and was convinced the problem would keep coming back. MRA Pest Control proved me wrong and have managed to eradicate the problem for me permanently. Highly recommended."

Ghislayne Foster, Burton-Upon-Trent

"An extremely reliable service. Were out to me the same day and dealt with the problem within an hour. Reasonable on price too and very informative."

Kevin Lynn, Alfreton

"Superb service! MRA Pest Control was very knowledgeable and extremely efficient.  We were overrun with mice and thought it would cost us a fortune to be rescued. Delighted with how little it cost us. Thank you so much."

Michael Ross, Beeston

"Great service. I would have no hesitation in recommending MRA Pest Control. They explained what the treatment entailed and how it worked. They effectively resolved the issues we were having."

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